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Commercial Fitout- LEVEL 1 Projects

Commercial Fitout

Bring your vision to life with LEVEL 1 Projects. We transform empty spaces into modern internal commercial areas that come complete with all the facilities required for businesses to operate.

Our work often includes and is not limited to the design, provision and construction of restrooms, meeting rooms, workspaces, benches, office furniture, staff areas, lighting, electrical, kitchens, flooring, ceilings and more for any type of commercial or government sector property.

We believe that a company’s commercial fitout is an extension of their unique brand, personality, products and values, all of which have a direct impact on the overall appeal of a business. As such, we take great care to meet our client’s expectations, from concept to detailed design and throughout the construction process. Our team of qualified professionals uphold compliance laws, safety rules and security regulations, and they’re fully licensed.

Fresh and innovative interiors add a touch of elegance, create atmosphere, add character and are instantly inviting, engaging, invigorating and desirable. We purpose aesthetically pleasing interiors to line up with your vision and branding, and to deliver wow factor so that your customers will want to revisit time and time again.

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LEVEL 1 Projects delivers high quality commercial building refurbishment projects aimed creating a fresh impact by reconfiguring and improving pre-existing business and commercial spaces to suit the needs of growing and changing businesses.

A refurbishment can help create a more flexible work environment if you need more space, production capacity or if you’ve taken on more staff.

Transforming work areas into refurbished workspaces can help to boost staff morale by making the workplace more enjoyable and profitable. By becoming more energy efficient and promoting better functionality, refurbished workspaces can help to improve staff efficiency.

If you’re considering relocating, a fresh refurbishment is cost-effective and often presents a faster alternative. Boost your brand’s image with a reconfiguration or layout change to make your spaces bigger, more manageable and usable.

Makegood Projects

Makegood Projects

The LEVEL 1 Projects can help you to meet your obligations and responsibilities as a tenant, as detailed in your lease agreement to help you avoid legal problems. Our services will invovle a commercial stripout enabling the makegood and restoration of the premises, leaving it in the same vacant condition as when you first moved in, before decorating it.

We have over 25 + years experience working with companies and government sectors to meet their makegood provisions. Our company also has the manpower, expertise, knowledge, licensing, qualifications and capacity to take care of your makegood project, saving you considerable time and money with a hassle free solution.

We strip out, remove, repair, makegood, replace, modify, patch and redecorate to take care of items like, but are not limited to:

Furniture, fixtures, fittings, tenancy partitions, joinery, modifications and servicing of electrical, mechanical, replacement of floor coverings, plumbing and fire services, base building fixtures, strip, networking and security services, tenancy signage and repair, replace ceiling systems, fittings and finishes, paster work repairs and patching, redecoration and more.

Remediation works

Remediation Works

At LEVEL 1 Projects, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive remediation services. Our team of skilled construction and remediation professionals are experienced in restoring damaged commercial buildings and assets to a safe and functional state. We work diligently to repair any damage, ensuring that your property is returned to its original condition.

Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Concrete spalling repairs
  • Lintel replacement
  • Complete Internal refurbishment
  • Window and door replacement
  • Underpinning
  • Structural rectification
  • Roofing repairs
  • Structural rectification
  • Heritage works
  • Façade refurbishment
  • Waterproofing
  • Membrane coating
  • Joint sealant

Your property will be in good hands. We work closely with the client to offer tailored solution and  affordable options to meet your needs and your budget.

External Waterpoofing

External Waterpoofing

The LEVEL 1 Projects team of waterproofing professionals are fully equipped, experienced, licensed and accredited. We use correct waterproofing techniques to investigate, analyse and deliver waterproofing projects to protect buildings from further water damage.

We work with a range of popular and reliable membrane systems including:

  • Wolfin
  • Ardex
  • Parchem
  • Suprema
  • Fosroc

We design and implement affordable solutions to suit the specific needs and budget requirements of any size project.

Your waterproofing project is in safe hands with LEVEL 1 Projects.

*All of our waterproofing installations are backed by a single point manufacturer’s warranty for both workmanship and materials.

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Remediation Works

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External Waterproofing